What is Epically Written?

Epically Written is a blog about fantasy writing, writers and books. It’s the personal blog of James Hunter-Shortland and will be a place for my thoughts and my work. I’m a person who enjoys running a blog but I’m not always that consistent! I like writing reviews and full-blown articles, but I don’t always find the time to do that on a regular basis. With Epically Written, my goal is to feature a mixture of book reviews, cover art reviews and writing discussion, all interspersed amongst more personal, traditional blog posts.

What format do your main posts take?

One of Epically Written’s main missions is the discussion of fiction writing. That covers everything from the nuts and bolts of writing to the writer’s voice or worldbuilding. Each one of the writing discussion posts here on the blog is designed to be brief, entertaining and useful. The blog is not here to prescribe advice and tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing as a writer. Everything you read on this blog will be an opinion, my opinion, and food for thought. If reading my posts gets your writer’s brain firing and your creative juices pumping, then it’s mission accomplished!

What are Epic Quests?

Epic Quests are brief writing-related exercises that I’ll devise on a regular basis and feature on the blog. They may be things for you to write, or something to observe, or maybe something completely off the wall. These are designed to get everyone writing (including myself!) and to get us all thinking like writers.

We started out hosting a scoreboard and scoring system here on the blog, but it became too complex, too bloated, and very few people actually took part.

Epic Quests are here for you to take advantage of if you fancy a challenge. That’s all I’m looking to achieve!

What is your scoring system for book reviews?

All books are awarded a rating on a scale of 1-10, based on factors such as plot, characterisation, setting and writing style.

  • 10 – Perfect
  • 8-9 – Excellent
  • 5-7 – Good/Great
  • 3-4 – Fair
  • 1-2 – Poor

We don’t award zero scores. That would just be mean!

If it is decided that the book is of an exceptional quality or otherwise noteworthy, it may also receive the coveted EPICALLY WRITTEN! award.

What is your scoring system for cover art reviews?

All book covers are awarded a Final Verdict, based on factors such as composition, artwork, font, theme and colours. No scale-based rating will be given, as cover art can be very subjective/personal.

If it is decided that the cover art is of an exceptional quality or otherwise noteworthy, it may also receive the coveted EPICALLY COVERED! award.